1.I have a homozygous MTHFR gene mutation and had folate deficiency. When I took the MTHFR cofactor vitamin B2 it had a positive effect, better than methylfolate. This makes me feel that cofactors of certain mutated genes are very important.

2. I noticed that I often have a very specific appetite and eating these foods can relieve my symptoms a bit. That’s why I think I need some substances found naturally in these foods, like certain vitamins or minerals.

3. Vitamin and mineral supplements have had the most positive impact on my symptoms until now. Dietary restrictions, probiotics, etc. had small good effects that didn’t seem sustainable.

4. I don’t react well to all vitamins. So I supplement only the vitamins that I hope can be beneficial, and not in a b-complex. I even had the feeling that the multivitamin supplements left me still deficient in the vitamins that I needed most, maybe because the vitamins interact.

5. Some supplements increased my energy levels, but at the same time left me more stressed, overstimulated or irritable. I think that the energy increase came from higher levels of stress neurotransmitters and I try to avoid that, as I don’t tolerate it well long-term.

6. I try to figure out how supplements will affect the processes I talk about in ‘theories’. Then I see how I react to those supplements. What I take should always have an overall good impact on a few issues and not improve the energy metabolism but worsen the antioxidant status (,like iron or copper).

7. I had bad reactions to some supplements, which is why I take supplements in very low doses. This can reduce negative reactions.

8. Dietary restrictions had a mild positive effect on some of my symptoms. I wouldn’t do too extreme diets though, like leaving out most foods you like or eating no carbohydrates or fats or something like that. The body should still get the nutrients he needs from the foods.

9. I think, it’s good to listen to your body’s reactions well. Even if a supplement makes sense because of some theory,  try to listen to your body’s reactions. Biochemistry is complicated and theories can be wrong.

10. Take a close look at the supplements you are taking. I had the experience that some additives actually interacted and reduced the effect of the supplement. Also, some vitamins are light-sensitive and leaving them lying around or bottles open, can reduce the effect.